We are a boutique investment management firm by design. We believe working with a select group of investors and developers allows our experience and intensity to serve as the driver for maximum performance. Our success is governed by our continual focus on five (5) core principles: (1) Evidence great values; (2) Earn and maintain client trust; (3) Broaden client connection; (4) Innovate; and (5) Deliver excellence pro-actively

From sourcing the opportunity through closing we are involved with investors and developers in all aspects of the development investment lifecycle. This is why investors with annual tax liability ranging from $1 Million to $2 Billion trust Linden Capital to assist in reducing their risk while producing extraordinary returns.

Linden Capital sources qualified investment alternatives through its network of experienced developers and originators. Once engaged, our experienced professionals strive to maximize the benefit for both the investor and the developer.

Due Diligence
Our proven approach captures a particular tax credit investment opportunity through a comprehensive presentation providing the complete background on the quantitative and qualitative aspects of each opportunity.
Linden Capital can acquire the tax credits through its series of funds or facilitate the transfer of the tax credits directly to one of its investors. Under both approaches, Linden Capital’s goal is to structure the most beneficial transaction on behalf of all parties involved in the development.
Market Insight
Our continuous and active presence in the tax credit marketplace provides significant insight into ever-changing trends and opportunities. This knowledge, coupled with tools and best practices that have evolved over nearly two decades, enables Linden Capital to provide uncompromising guidance throughout the investor identification and closing process.